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Join BoxNine7 for a conversation with our feature artist Chris Haines and find out more about his recent work designed exclusively for our schemes at the Television Centre.







BoxNine7's Television Centre art collection is a completely unique and tailored celebration of the development's original 1960s features considering it's iconic architecture, media heritage and colour.

The collection offers investors & residents something exclusive that they can treasure and is in tune with the development's longstanding and notable characteristics. This contemporary portfolio includes drawings by BoxNine7's feature artist Chris Haines who has designed exclusive pieces using the latest digital technologies.

We sat down with Chris to discuss his work and what it brings to the future residents of Television Centre. 

'Darlek' by Chris Haines

'Darlek' by Chris Haines


Kim Francis: Hi Chris, thanks for sitting down and chatting with us today. Can you tell me about how the concept (of you curating a collection for BoxNine7) initially came about?
Chris Haines: It was a fairly easy one for me as it is such an iconic building and with the architectural background I have I really wanted to devote some sort of context to the building’s originality. I feel a lot of people moving in there won't know a lot about it's history as they'll most likely be of a newer generation.

The most important thing is to deliver a piece or collection which carries a timeless essence
— Chris Haines

KF: You're a graduate of the Bartlett School of Architecture. How has your background in architecture influenced your design work today?
CH: I love to sketch, I’ve been told I have a very unique style. My biggest problem in architecture was that I was never good at replicating a building to its specific qualities, so my style would always be different to how it actually looked. In my artwork I use that to my advantage because its something that can be received in your own abstract way.




KF: Can you talk us through the process before the designing stage for this exclusive Television Centre collection and how does your work relate to BoxNine7's schemes?
CH: I carefully source and research the narrative of a scheme before designing and eventually developing into artwork. The process is impulsive but well thought out resulting in a contemporary and stylish collection, adaptable to many individual tastes. I focus on the colours, style and uniqueness and tailor my art to compliment and reflect the scheme.


KF: What made you pick up the iPad for this specific collection?
CH: The iPad has the technical abilities that were required to create such a collection, and it also has multiple sketching tools in a digital format. As well as this, the iPad enables quick editing, so if a client doesn’t like something I can easily make changes to parts of the drawing rather than starting all over again. It’s just a modern way of producing artwork.

'Facade' by Chris Haines

'Facade' by Chris Haines

If you introduced any form of bold colour in any artwork, you’re looking to make a statement and that’s what they’re looking to do through this regeneration
— Chris Haines

KF: The collection was designed to offer purchasers something different. What is the unique message you aim to deliver with your artwork?
CH: I like all my work to be responsive - meaning it has to feed off inspiration or react to a movement or phenomenon. For me, the most important thing is to deliver a piece or collection which represents a time but also carries a timeless essence and one that deploys the typical sociology and ideas of today so that one day the later generation can appreciate our time and society through art. We live in a world of innovation and reinvention - something which I hope really comes across through my own work to the subjective user.


KF: I've picked out one of your pieces from the collection, can you tell us the story behind this particular artwork?
CH: ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ is my favourite out of the collection. I think for me it’s the most interesting because the camera is only half-surfaced in the image, so you don’t see the whole thing, and this is actually an edit made through BoxNine7. The original piece had the camera set in the middle of the drawing, and after a meeting with the BoxNine7 design team they said they loved the piece but they wanted it to be more obscure. That’s when I moved the camera off-centre to create a much more interesting piece of art as you’re not immediately aware of what it is, and then you start to explore the surrounding context and the rest of the pieces begin to give you a clue as to what the subject is. The round lens of the camera is also very eye-catching and defines the drawing with rather modernist shapes reflecting the area that it came from.

'Lights, Camera, Action' by Chris Haines

'Lights, Camera, Action' by Chris Haines

KF: So how do we get our hands on your cool artwork?

CH: The artwork is exclusive to BoxNine7 and purchasers at Television Centre. If you choose one of BoxNine7's design led furniture schemes as an investor or an owner occupier, you will have access to these unique pieces!

KF: Thanks for taking the time to talk us through your artwork, we look forward to seeing the collection soon!


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