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Join us for a stroll through the heart of city close to our Barts Square project


We devote a lot of time and energy into researching the areas we are featured in, thinking about how we would spend our weekends if we lived there and, from initial meetings and conversations, what our clients are interested in.

It is through this exploration into the lifestyle of potential dwellers that we can really design to our full advantage, and give our clients a unique but perfectly matched space.


Our recent project, Bart’s Square is well connected, right in the centre of London. You only need to cross the bridge and you’re at the Tate Modern, a stones throw from the Barbican and around the corner from Sir John Soane’s Museum. Join us on our tour of the City …

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Featuring 148 minimalist-chic guestrooms and London’s newest Nobu is situated in the heart of Shoreditch, the hotel blends the raw creative energy of East London with Nobu’s understated luxury. The hotel’s architecture utilises innovative printed, layered glass in a highly reflective façade balancing privacy and exposure and interacting with its surroundings through the interplay of colour, reflection, and light. 


For those with a competitive streak, Swingers LDN is based below the Gherkin.
With not one, but two crazy golf courses and multiple street food vendors and bars there is plenty to ensure that you will have a great time. The venue is themed in the style of a 1920's English golf club complete with a winner’s podium!


The perfect city spot to grab a drink. The relaxed atmosphere and excellent service makes it our designer's first choice and the view from the terrace is certainly hard to beat!


The longstanding Shoreditch tourist hot-spot, Columbia Road is now giving its devotees even more reason to visit come December with Christmas Wednesdays. The famed road’s stores and local businesses will be open for extended trading hours, allowing marketeers to get their mitts on pieces from institutions such as Nelly Duff and Marcos & Trump, right in time for Christmas!