Situated in West London within the walls of the iconic Television Centre, encircled by London's most desirable neighbourhoods; Kensington, Ladbroke Grove and Holland Park is where you'll find the latest addition to our design-led turnkey furniture solutions; the Lowry Collection.

Enhanced with a distinctive blend of contrasting colours and rich textures, the Lowry Collection has been meticulously curated by our skilled Design and Buying Teams to minimise the time your properties are on the market for while maximising their desirability for landlords, developers and investors.


The Lowry Collection is named after Laurence Stephen Lowry, one of Britain's most notable artists, best known for his mill scenes and industrial landscapes soaked in neutral tones with controlled use of vermillion red, Prussian blue and yellow ochre. This collection celebrates Lowry's urge to hold a light on industrial districts and invite human presence into this bustling urban environment.


Join us as we uncover the key trends our Design and Buying Teams have collaboratively incorporated into this collection. Driven by characteristics of Lowry's paintings, we are closing the year with contrasting hues and definitive textures.


Retro structured brown leather chair

trend #1

Trend Title 1.png

The aesthetic features of industrial-inspired interiors have been a popular styling theme in recent decades and we are completely on board! The trend focuses on highlighting the raw, unfinished features we associate with Lowry's "matchstick men" figures in his paintings. The bold, ongoing use of black metals within each room is a nod to the daring structure of the industrial era. Our designers have injected their twist into this trend by combining unexpected hues such as yellows and burnt reds in the cushion covers resting upon the cool grey sofas to create a more modernised appearance.

The botanicals scattered within the living room and dining area is another approach to soften the solid metallic look of the coffee table and the media unit introducing a more homely feeling into the space. The distinguished retro structure of the leather armchair placed in the corner of our living room design forms a sophisticated look while the earthy brown colour contrasts perfectly with the metal legs.


trend #2

Trend Title 2.png

Embracing and encouraging the diversity in texture is one of the fundamental rules of industrial décor, our Design and Buying Teams have ensured that the Lowry Collection was a true representation of this. Different textures and shades of wood and metal are applied across all the rooms. They are individually applied or combined, such as the glass tabletop in the dining area and the wooden round coffee table in the living room are both blended with metal. The blue and green velvet armchairs are another unexpected touch evoking tranquillity whilst our exclusively hand-woven rug delivers a welcoming cosy atmosphere.

The white chest of drawers in the bedroom is a stand-alone piece with an unfinished rustic style complimenting the overall modern-industrial theme of the scheme. Similar tones of white are also adopted in Lowry's work as he began to lighten up his dark palette to bring in a naiveness and dreamlike quality into his compositions.


Green velvet chair and the white chest of drawers.


Metallic vases and abstract wall arts.



Statement Walls.png

Abstract and obscure artworks make an appearance once again within this collection as it did in our previous collection, the Tillyer Collection. The colours of the two artworks in the living room are both motivated by Lowry’s colour palette which he used in his painting of Huddersfield; rushed brush strokes, the boldness of blue and black, all these elements are reflected in our exclusively commissioned artworks.

The most striking part of this scheme is the use of dark green on the bedroom wall. The solid colour beautifully contrasts with surrounding whites and creams, while the harmonious combination of patterns with statement abstract artwork above the bed creates a powerful composition.



Trend Title 3.png

With the accessories, we highlighted the edginess of unfinished and raw materials. You'll find this through the selection of metallic vases within the living room with exposed rusty segments and the screw bar stools in the kitchen. We think this adds an authentic vibe into the overall interior.

We also fused this approach into the lighting within the scheme by featuring copper bedside lamps with exposed draped wires. This creates a more subtle and minimalistic industrial-esque appearance that will never go out of trend. The unique construction of the black bedside lamps and the floor lamp in the living room is another example to unfussy yet functional furnishing. Lowry's clear portrayal of the industrial features such as the smoking chimneys, untidy fences and repeated post lamps has been the main inspiration when sourcing accessories for this collection.


Dark green wall paint accompanied with patterned cushions.


The Lowry Collection is a showcase of trend-led furnishings which link different mediums, shapes and forms from velvet touches to geometric patterns. Our expert team have carefully curated a collection exhibiting the industrial theme in a new light by merging the conventional monochromes with a splash of yellows, greens and blues. 

With first-class craftsmanship at the forefront of our minds, we are proud to offer you a 5-year guarantee on all of our products as well as providing delivery and installation typically within 7 to 10 working days. Whether you are a private client, landlord or investor, this turnkey solution will turn your space into an ideal home.  

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