Listen in to our conversation with Rupinder, the Buyer behind our exclusive furniture collections!







Meet Rupinder, the Buyer behind our tailored turnkey furniture collections enabling Landlords and Investors to transform their properties into a home. Between her visits to design events across the globe, we managed to catch Rupinder in our London headquarters to chat through her current projects and the challenges she faces as a Buyer.


Kim Francis: Hi Rupinder! Can you tell us what a day in the life of a Buyer here at the BoxNine7 basecamp looks like?

Rupinder Gohil: Oh, it’s busy. No two days are ever the same! During the peak seasons of the interior design world, you’ll find me anywhere from London, Cologne, Paris, or Stockholm seeking out the latest trends and products at renowned design shows or exhibitions. Following these events, I compose trend reports together which influence my thought process when it comes to curating our unique furniture collections with our Designers, such as our newly released Riley and Hepworth collections – have you seen them yet? The Sales and Design teams and I are on a constant mission to provide Landlords and Investors with a tailored scheme to dress their properties. We have some pretty impressive UK-based suppliers that we have collaborated with to create bespoke, high-quality furniture exclusively made for us.


Our Riley Furniture Collection, one of Rupinder’s latest projects


KF: What are the biggest challenges you face as a Buyer?

RG: Curating an affordable scheme that doesn’t compromise on quality. It’s as simple as that. Working as a Buyer for 8 years in the industry, it’s in my best interest to provide a scheme that is aesthetically pleasing, is functional, and is a space that you and I would want to live in. What I love about BoxNine7 is that we offer a price promise. It’s the collaboration of pricing and craftsmanship that makes us ahead of the game!


The living room of our
TVC 2.0 Furniture Collection


KF: What current projects are you working on, and what’s next?

RG: As I said, Riley and Hepworth have been the talk of the town and we are currently in the process of launching a further two collections this October, stay tuned! I’m really excited about these ones as they incorporate the more industrial trends I’ve been seeing across the architecture of many new developments we have been working on recently. You can take a peek at our As Seen In guides to see where we’ve been!


KF: What an exciting role you have! What are the benefits of using BoxNine7's exclusive furniture collections?

RG: Well for starters, our furniture collections are design-led and curated to maximise the rental value of properties while minimising any void periods. I’ve searched high and low for the right suppliers, and we’re so confident in them that we offer a 5-year guarantee on all furniture. Also, we stay ahead of the game as our amazing Interior Designers bring in elements of the property’s local area, reflecting its true value. That’s key in the interior design industry, but there’s more to it, it’s all about turning a property into a home.


KF: Rupinder, it’s been a pleasure hearing about your vibrant role in the company! Lastly, what do you love most about working at BoxNine7?

RG: If I had to sum it up into 3 words, it’d be travel, people and location. I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to fly out to all of these trade shows, any Buyer would know how exciting they are, revealing the latest trends of the year. Also, our new office in Marylebone is the perfect hub to really connect and get creative, there’s a real distinctive air of camaraderie here. The facilities are second to none; on Fridays we head to the prosecco tap for the evening, winding down discussing the latest interior design gossip. It’s great working with such a creative team, somehow we manage to get the right balance of productivity and a chilled vibe.

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