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Come and meet Serena, our Head of Operations and PRS, while we chat to her about her current projects and how we’re cracking the PRS formula.




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Meet Serena, Head of Operations and PRS here at BoxNine7, who is managing our projects to ensure the installation of our exclusive turnkey Furniture Collections exceeds each and every client’s expectations. We had a coffee with Serena, who gave us an insight into the day-to-day tasks sweeping her from site visits at Greenwich Peninsula and Battersea Power Station, to managing our Service Delivery team based at our London Headquarters.


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Kim Francis: Hi Serena! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to chat. Reveal all, talk us through a normal day as Head of Operations and PRS, what’s it like?

Serena Finnerty: Hi Kim! Well, you’ve probably seen me pacing in and out of the studio. As Head of Service Delivery, I’m always on a mission. My day-to-day tasks vary, but overall, I manage projects and deal with the customer service side of our business. Working closely with our clients, I ensure each project runs smoothly, and I arrange the installations of our exclusive Furniture Collections tailored for landlords, investors and developers.


Take a look at our Ebury Place portfolios 1.0 and 2.0


KF: What are you currently working on?

SF: At the moment, I’m researching the latest news on the Private Rented Sector (PRS) market, which is rapidly growing. I’m really getting involved in the development of Build-to-Rent (BTR) and our position within the PRS market. Lately, we’ve seen a surge of demand for our turnkey furnishing solution, as landlords are noticing the needs for well-designed rental properties targeted towards millennials. They choose us because of our high-quality furniture, bespoke designs and meticulous craftsmanship – from working with us before, they know we’re good like that. In terms of ongoing projects, we’ve got some exciting ones in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled!


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KF: Interesting. So what’s so unique about the PRS market?

SF: Anyone working within the PRS market will know about it’s 4 key trends: Technology, Wellbeing, Co-Living, and Personalisation.

These are the elements of that liveable space millennials are looking to reside in. They want to see smart technology incorporated into their homes, with the latest apps and keycard access. It’s all about community focused developments too. We can speak for ourselves as our headquarters has just moved to Marylebone’s WeWork building, offering a huge ethos on this with countless communal spaces and a promotion on health and wellbeing – we love it. In terms of personalisation, this is where we really shine. Working with our Interior Design and Buying Teams, we’re offering personalised, contemporary schemes for landlords to offer in their rental properties, all sealed with a 5-year guarantee and price promise. As an American, I’ve been interested to see what other trends are appearing in the US which could help us predict what other trends we may start to see emerging in the UK too.


KF: What are your most recent successes?

SF: It would have to be the successful installation of our Furniture Collections at Grainger plc’s Argo, they saw 97% properties let within 4 months! You can read more about how we’re cracking the PRS formula on our blog, The Edit. It’s safe to say we’ve joined the rental revolution. These successes are a combination of our close attention to detail, incorporation of trends, and exclusivity of using UK-based suppliers, bespoke and handcrafted furniture. We have the ability to provide an affordable scheme without compromising the quality of the design.

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KF: Thanks for sitting down to chat, you’re definitely kept busy here! What is it you love about working for BoxNine7?

SF: Because we’re such a hardworking bunch of individuals, as a company, we’re always rewarded with well-deserved success after the continuous commitment and effort we put into these projects - and of course we’re always up for a celebratory event afterwards!

You will always hear it, because it’s so true, but we’re all about the people here. Yes, we offer you with a 5-year guarantee, but I also know I’m guaranteed a sea of smiles when I walk into our London Headquarters, what more could you want?

If you haven’t already, read more about how we’re cracking the PRS formula by joining the rental revolution, and follow our Instagram to see more of our latest schemes.

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