Time to explore the ever evolving and constantly developing heart of the capital, with its unbeatable transport links this neighbourhood is quickly becoming a must-visit area of London.


When it comes to an address the Plimsoll Building has it all including unbeatable transport connections to international locations and an historic canal side setting to make it one of the most exciting developments in the capital right now.

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With the area seeing a lot of re-development lately our designers were fighting over the chance to explore this up-and-coming, exciting neighbourhood. 


Grain Store is an innovative and sustainable restaurant and bar by celebrated chef Bruno Loubet and drinks pioneer Tony Conigliaro. The restaurant is located on Granary Square at the heart of London's most exciting new quarter, King's Cross. A perfect short stroll away for some
world-class food and drink.


Bar Pepito is an intimate Andalusian bodega specialising in the most exciting styles of sherry, and mixes the best traditions from Jerez with a refreshing up to date approach. If it weren't for the cloudy skies outside you could well be in Jerez!


The UK's first ever man-made fresh water public bathing pond is a piece of innovative Land Art, a beautiful, relaxing and natural space in the centre of an urban environment. Now that the sauna has opened, it's as close to the Scandinavian tradition of a sauna and a plunge in an icy lake as you’ll get in Central London.


One of the world’s greatest libraries. As well as the books, there are exhibitions, events and a Treasures Gallery that is home to The Magna Carta, a Gutenberg Bible and even
original lyrics by The Beatles.