Now double the size compared to 14 years ago, the Private Rented Sector (PRS) is booming with a forecast stating that 1 in 5 households will be rented by 2018. New developments are being constructed with a service experience like no other to support this new and exciting way of living. 

To keep in-line with the demands of the UK’s fastest growing housing sector, BoxNine7 is ever evolving its services. Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative solutions that in turn provide their tenants with the most cost effective, most stylish, functional and durable furnishing solutions.

 * All statistics accurate at time of posting.

* All statistics accurate at time of posting.


With knowledge and experience gained over a collective decade, here at BoxNine7 we provide turn-key, tailored furnishing solutions for residential developments that are both stylish, investment driven and targeted to the appropriate demographic. 

Our dedicated design team put careful consideration into choosing furnishings that have an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, functionality and durability. After obtaining a floor plan, they will construct an inventory in line with budget and brief that considers how a tenant will occupy the space.

Our main focus throughout is to consult with the client and advise on quality investments and product lead times which in turn have a big impact on cost.  

Our procurement fee ensures that we handpick the best quality products available to maximise durability.


Our extensive experience in large multi-unit residential installations allows us to implement the most appropriate structure specific to a development in terms of human resources and transport methods, reducing both time and cost. We hold strong relationships with our suppliers, which contribute towards an overall efficient installation process.


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