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At BoxNine7 we take great pride in our styling, it’s one of the best parts about the interior design process. From cushions and plants to books and metallic accents – take a walk through how we style our schemes and pick up a few pointers on how you can spice up your own space!



We all consider ourselves foodies here at BoxNine7! Food is a fantastic way to bring people together and even better if the food tastes great. We decided to create a list of must visit restaurants in London not just for the food they offer but so you can witness the amazing interiors too! P.S: They are all very Instagrammable, we promise!



Looking for a new Latin American spot in London? Well look no further than MNKY HSE!
MNKY HSE (Monkey House) is the new one stop shop for partying and dining on Dover Street, Mayfair. Designed by Keane, MNKY HSE has such a cheeky and playful personality, much like its name that we love so much. The restaurant bar has mysterious and electric design scheme which only gets better the more you’re able to stick around and look at it. We particularly love the way the quirky décor is tied in with luxury elements, we like to think that we design our schemes in quite a similar fashion! The dark-wood parquet flooring, crushed chandeliers and leather-clad banquette style seating creates a perfect vibe for you and your friends, no matter the day of the week. But wait, there’s more! There are two floors which house stages to resident and international DJs, live musicians and performers, but if partying isn’t quite your cup of tea, fear not as tasty Latin American cuisine and beverages are served alongside music and DJ sets cooked up by Pablo Peñalosa Nájera, previously head chef at the Four Seasons in Bogatà and Morimoto in Mexico City. 



Aesthetics are everything right? Headed by Biasol Design Studio, Clerkenwell Grind on Old Street is the perfect place to not only grab a bite to eat throughout the day but also doubles up as a night bar after dark. The bold, royal blue velvet seating makes us reminisce back to one of out most recent schemes at Chiswick Gate. We adore the variety of brass lighting and finishes as well as the beautiful marble which adds a warm and cosy vibe. If you didn’t know already, Grind has eight branches around London and has been killing the brunch game since 2011, when they set up shop in Shoreditch. As promised, Grind scores a 10/10 on the Instagrammable scale, with added neon art commissioned from Toronto tattoo-artist Curt Montgomery. This converted warehouse just oozes east London cool. The four areas of Grind – dining room, two cocktail bars, and private room – are act as eye candy for any lover of design and rich colours; with herringboned oak floorboards and pink terrazzo stone tiles. Tucked away in the basement kitchen, executive chef Kyle Boyce – ex-Soho House produces a spectacular menu which takes inspiration from British, Italian and Australian cuisine, convinced to visit yet?



Metallic accents are a popular go-to for most of our schemes, from table trays to vases, small hints of gold, copper or brass will add an instant touch of luxury to the room. We have previously used them against a neutral backdrop to make the item pop just that bit more.


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Books are also a wonderful way to style not just the coffee table, but all areas around the house. When you don’t have the luxury of dedicating a library entirely to your favourite reads, improvisation is a good way to go. Spreading your must-reads throughout your space, like we have on coffee tables, side tables and shelving can really contribute to making a house a home. Taschen in Chelsea is a MUST visit for all of your art, photography and fashion book needs!



Aren’t soft furnishings underrated? Colourful cushions, throws and blankets are fantastic solutions to a dreary room and we absolutely love picking out beautifully made soft furnishings for each one of our schemes; it certainly makes all the difference to how cosy and luxurious a place feels! What we love about soft furnishings is how playful you can be with the designs, by mixing and matching different tones, textures, shapes and sizes; we make sure that we make a longlasting impression on the space.


Throughout our schemes we have used a range of different items to get our client’s style across.
— BoxNine7



Art, we adore it and always find a way to showcase it in our schemes. Art gives a room an exciting focal point, no matter how bold or subtle and adds that little finishing touch. There is only so much a sofa choice can say about you and your taste, but the art that you choose to display can make incredible statements! The art we choose throughout our schemes compliment the mood of the home and the design brief. Close by to our 190 Strand scheme, is the Maddox Gallery – a gallery that showcases and sells fine art. Definitely give it a visit.

...and that's our Styling 101, over and out!

Please do check out our most recent schemes here, we're always introducing new styling elements into every project - let us know if you spot any in the next one!