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SW1’s latest landmark development, Ebury Place encapsulates a luxurious, contemporary style that epitomises central London living, and where better to launch our latest scheme,
the Richmond Collection. A short walk from the iconic streets of Sloane Square, Chelsea and the heart of Belgravia, its prime position boasts home to one of London’s most fashionable, desirable locations.

In the first installment of this exclusive two-bed Furniture Collection, you’ll find a bold mix of this year's key interior design trends from Stockholm to Milan. We encompass true style while uniting the increasing demands of urban city living. Staying ahead of the game is what we do best, which is why landlords, developers, and investors are turning to BoxNine7 seeking our design-led turnkey furnishing solutions to maximise desirability and minimise the time their property is on the market for.


The Richmond Collection is named after British artist Miles Richmond. Renowned for his expressionist abstract paintings, Richmond recreated visions of what he saw as the sixth sense and had the ability to look beyond form and shape for the spirit and energy of a place. With his use of colour blocks to create shape, tone, and mood, from mixed harmonious hues to the resemblance of brush strokes, we can imagine his masterpieces displayed within our Richmond Collection.


Making a kick start into the New Year, we headed to Europe’s first set of annual interior design shows, Maison et Objet, and IMM Cologne. With a full memory card of photographs and sketchbooks bursting with ideas, we returned to confirm the interior design trends we predicted for this year. Displaying an array of pretty pastels and curved forms, stay tuned as we unveil the ultimate key trends incorporated into our exclusive Richmond Collection.


trend #1

The New Neutrals.png

With spring in sight, we’re seeing an array of pastels emerging back to the interior design world, relabelled ‘The New Neutrals’. Inspired by the deeper, rustic tones we admired in the previous season, The New Neutrals has evolved with muted, soft and sun-bleached notes, reflected in the meticulous yet subtle shades of powdery pink found throughout our bedroom. This delicate colour has been transferred onto our soft furnishings, evoking a sense of tranquillity and calmness, which we seek in the design of any bedroom.

With a definitively abstract style, Richmond’s work has been compared to ‘after images’, similar to the impression left on the retina when closing your eyes after being caught in the glare of a bright light. The brushstrokes of our bespoke artwork and play of patterns combined with various shades of pastels resemble just this, do you notice that too?


trend #2

Mid-Century Modern.png

We can’t deny it, Mid-Century Modernism can be found everywhere, simply because it never goes out of style. The trend thrives on emphasising function and form with minimal fuss, a form of design synonymous with 1960s designers like Charles and Ray Eames. Juxtaposed materials, organic and geometric forms are also features of the Mid-Century Modern style. You’ll see this throughout the Richmond Collection, especially in the living room where our centerpiece table is composed of a sleek mix of marble, glass and painted chrome. A little Art Deco-esque too, wouldn’t you say?

Elements of our furnishings are in chime with the changing requirements of urban city living - simplicity and functionality. Similarly, Richmond’s works are composed of a variety of mediums. Shifting between the delicate washes of watercolour, defined lines of acrylic and distinctive softness of pastels, the artist created a dynamic style within his volume of work.

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Statement Walls.png

As we’re moving towards new neutrals and warmer shades this year, it’s safe to say colour is generally gaining in popularity within the interior design world. Amongst all the furniture at IMM Cologne, we spotted distinctive feature walls accentuating the various colour palettes and captivating shapes of each furnishing piece. The dark walls lining our Richmond Collection forms a dramatic backdrop against the striking colour combinations of rich blues and memorable yellows found on our soft furnishings. In contrast, the bright yet warm shade of terracotta in one of our bedrooms accentuates the similar hues of the cushions perched on the bed. These are both divided by our exclusively-made headboards adding depth to the overall scheme. Richmond’s work illustrates his simultaneous discovery of light and colour. His meticulous use of colour gives the impression of both light and spatial depth, something which we’ve also achieved in our Richmond Collection.



Curved Corners2.png

At each design show, we’ve seen curves here, there and everywhere. With decades in the spotlight, sleek, rigid lines have taken a step back making way for one of the most surprising returning trends set to skyrocket this year. It’s all about crescent-shaped silhouettes, soft edges, and angles which you’ll spot on our exclusively-made headboards, tables, and mirrors throughout the Richmond Collection. This forms a fluid, natural vibe to each room despite the injection of various colours where we see these curvilinear cuts making a statement. Richmond’s varied brushstrokes represent the natural sense of feelings he aspires to encapsulate in his masterpieces with the artist’s raw emotions illustrated with a mix of harsh and contrasting lines transferred to the canvas.


Our exclusive Richmond Collection has been designed in line with the increasing demands of urban city living for occupiers, landlords and investors to maximise the rental value of their properties while minimising time on the market. What’s more, our Furniture Collections are curated with an emphasis on first-class craftsmanship, which is why we are proud to offer a 5-year guarantee on
all products.

Whether it’s adopting elements of Mid-Century Modernism, or bringing in The New Neutrals, taking inspiration from this year’s design shows, our Design & Buying Teams have ensured the key trends have been incorporated into our carefully curated schemes while making them adaptable to the envisioned homeowner’s lifestyle. From the aesthetically pleasing harmonious hues of the bedrooms, to the mix of materiality forming our feature tables, we see elements of Richmond’s artwork resonating with our Richmond Collection.


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