Amid the hustle and bustle of King's Cross, you’ll find our latest scheme within Fenman House, an exclusive two-bed furniture collection radiating with combinations of colour, powerful patterns and merging materiality. Our Riley Collection has been carefully curated by our talented Design and Buying team as part of our design-led turnkey furnishing solution and can maximise rental value while minimising the time your properties are on the market for by transforming them into a liveable home. What’s more, we offer a 5 year guarantee on all products delivered to you within
7 to 10 working days.



From materiality to a carefully considered colour palette, elements of our Riley Collection bring together an array of key design trends from the latest design shows as well as incorporating the dynamic characteristics of King's Cross, and also emulate the works of renowned British artist, Bridget Riley. We can’t help but envision her work perched within our playfully sophisticated scheme. Riley’s work delves into the Op Art movement by exploring the dynamic world of optical phenomena through the use of contrasting colours and geometric shapes in her abstract artwork, creating the most eye-catching of optical illusions.


Sit back and relax while we talk you through how we’ve incorporated these trends throughout our latest BoxNine7 scheme. Many of these trends emulate characteristics of Riley’s work and have driven the design to deliver you with an eclectic, show-stopping scheme with a fresh feel while reflecting the buzzing hub of Kings Cross.





trend #1


Black and white is back. As one of the strongest trends found at Maison et Objet particularly through the theme of ‘opulence’, we’ve found ourselves immersed in the elegant and striking characteristics that these conflicting colours deliver.

The monochrome finishes on our beds and artwork framing are fused with splashes of vivid colour throughout our collection. In the bedrooms, you’ll find soft furnishings and accessories in vivid shades of green, ruby red and fiery fuchsia becoming key pieces when juxtaposed with the muted grey furnishings that they lie beside, a contrast creating a dramatic impact throughout the scheme. With Riley’s work featuring monochrome patterns, we can envision her art sitting perfectly within the black frames hanging on our walls, complimenting the more vivid hues of our furnishings.


trend #2


Accessorising isn’t always about the small details. We’ve gone big and bold with our exclusively-made artwork. Oversized became a dominant theme across all the latest design shows our Designers attended, you could not miss it! A single piece of art is just as effective as a perfectly curated gallery wall. In our living room, the statement artwork becomes a central focal point while paired portrait artwork are complimentary to the soft furnishings in our bedrooms. Riley’s work is not only oversized, but alluring with the combination of a bold colour palette and repetitive patterns. If her artwork were placed in this latest collection, it’d make the ultimate show stopper. 

Only Oversized.jpg
Classic Chevron.jpg



Didn’t we say you’d find injections of raspberry hues appearing in our next schemes? Check. From one corner of the show to another, IMM Cologne was spilling with this bold number. Our bespoke key furnishings produced by British manufacturers flaunt burgundy, pink and orange making a striking first impression, however they do not overpower the scheme’s overall colour palette against the brass accents, muted marble and metal details. Riley’s artwork experiments with the boundaries of colour exploring all its possibilities. If placed with the subtler detailing of this scheme, it’d sure be a pleasant contrast.




Incorporating patterns instantly brings dimension to any scheme. Amongst the rich blocks of colour, Aztec patterns also made quite an appearance at this year’s design shows. In contrast with the soft woods and pops of colour, we’ve decorated our beds with comfy chevron-covered pillows in a combination of colour arrangements creating the illusion of additional textures within the room. This geometric pattern also compliments the artwork and accessorising in each room while also turning your property into a liveable space. As Riley used geometric patterns to form optical illusions, her work would enhance that trick of the eye, layering of textures and adding further dimension to each bedroom.

Complimentary Colours.jpg

As part of our design-led turnkey solution, our Riley Collection provides owner occupiers, landlords and investors with a carefully considered design turning properties into a home. Through the incorporation of this year’s key design trends, we naturally find Riley’s work could sit perfectly amongst the geometric patterns and clashes of muted monochrome mixed with bursts of bold hues. Do you see it to?

If maximising rental value and minimising the time your property is on the market for is at the forefront of your mind, you can be rest assured that we have the best solution for you. With exclusively-made handcrafted furnishings produced by British manufacturers, we are more than proud to offer you a 5 year guarantee on all our products as well as providing delivery and installation typically within 7 to 10 working days.

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