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Perched within one of London’s most prestigious postcodes sits our latest scheme in Ebury Place, one of the city’s newest landmark developments. With a prime position beside Victoria station, situated moments away from the iconic streets of Chelsea and Belgravia, we couldn’t think of a better place to carry out the first instalment of our exclusive three-bed furniture collection, the Tillyer Collection. Flourishing in rich, complimentary colours and adopting the distinctive qualities of industrial spaces blended with a modern touch, the Tillyer Collection epitomises central London living in true style. As you’ll know, our experienced Design & Buying teams work collectively to ensure our design-led turnkey furnishing solution optimises the rental value of any property while maximising desirability for landlords, developers and investors.

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Our Tillyer Collection is named after British artist, William Tillyer, known for his abstract watercolours and oil paintings which significantly redefine and reinterpret his personal reflections on classic subject matters such as still life through a variety of mediums, colours and textures. With an earthy tonal palette, harmonious blend of raw textures and patterns, we envision Tillyer’s masterpieces hung above the furnishings of our latest scheme.


Following this year’s visits to some of the world’s leading design shows, our Design & Buying team have worked collaboratively to fuse the latest interior design trends into the furnishings fabricating our Tillyer Collection. We have adapted the key elements of these handpicked trends with a unique spin to produce exclusive furniture pieces with our trusted UK and European suppliers, all sealed with a 5-year guarantee. From abstract artwork to muted metals, let us uncover the key trends bringing this scheme to life.





trend #1

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We’re waving goodbye to bold brass and welcoming in muted metals. Metallic interiors continue to shine bright, though it’s the more industrial shades which have become a prominent choice this season. Produced with meticulous craftsmanship, our black chrome bed frames provide an exposed quality to the bedroom whilst the hammered metal matching side lamps complete the space with a modern touch. Our designers have instilled their own twist to these trends by transferring the grey tone of metal onto our sofas. Featuring a reversible corner chaise, our sofas are adaptable to any property and contrast with our cushions to intensify the rich reds and emerald greens, adding dimension to the living room.

Tillyer incorporates the characteristics of metallic elements in his own work by controlling paint on his canvas with metal lattice grids to create a textured effect. This can be seen in his painting ‘Helmsey Sky Studies’ which we can envision displayed on our bedroom walls bringing an additional metallic element to the room with a touch of additional colour.


trend #2

the velvet touch.png

From the living room to the bedroom, white-washed timber and painted chrome are juxtaposed with a homely touch of velvet to inject comfort and delicacy to the scheme, whilst the forest green tone of feature chairs emanate a sense of sophistication. The clashing colours of our soft furnishings are enhanced not only by the subdued tone of the sofas and beds they sit on, but particularly by the gentle texture they are combined with. As an experimental artist, Tillyer scrapes the surface of the paper before beginning his watercolour paintings. The combination of this along with his use of vivid colour illustrates a true reflection of how we experience nature. The use of velvet in our living room and bedrooms also reflect our intention to transform a property into a welcoming liveable space.

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Not only have we been going big and bold with our artwork as mentioned in our previous Trend Report, we’ve also transitioned from a structured style to the more abstract. You’ll find our artwork becomes a key focal point in the bedrooms, and for us, first impressions are everything. Similar to our scheme, Tillyer uses organic greens, orange and red tones as a response to nature’s intensity and everchanging dynamic. By using abstract pieces, our exclusively commissioned paintings and prints add volume and dimension to our Tillyer Collection, emulating the notable colours and endless characteristics of each room.



the global nomad.png

Our exclusively-made rugs feature an array of global influences seen through tactile textures and tribal patterns throughout the scheme. A key trend taking over this year’s design shows were Aztec patterns which we’ve combined with raw fringing to subtly add further dimension to the living room. In our bedrooms, eclectic colour palettes are transferred onto cushions making them a statement accessory to compliment decorative artwork. Our turnkey furnishing solution is always tailored to each client, which is why our furnishings are always sourced and designed in line with style, brief and budget in mind. Tillyer uses a contrasting mix of delicate and denser washes of colour adding definition and depth to his paintings, just as we’ve used a combination of patterns on our soft furnishings.


Combined with our Design & Buying teams’ unique use of colours and materiality adapted from key interior design trends, our Tillyer Collection reflects elements of William Tillyer’s abstract watercolours and paintings. Featuring an earthy tonal palette of rich reds and forest greens as well as a harmonious blend of textures, we can envision the artist’s works exhibited amongst the furnishings of our latest scheme.


Our design-led turnkey furnishing solution is designed to assist occupiers, landlords and investors in turning properties into homes through a hassle-free service. By selecting our furniture collections to dress your property, you can be rest assured our Furniture Packages service will maximise rental value and minimise the time your property is on the market for. The pieces within our Tillyer Collection are offered with a 5-year guarantee and are typically delivered and installed within 7 to 10 working days.


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