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Meet Hannah, one of our Interior Designers here at BoxNine7. As our latest addition to the team, Hannah works on an array of new schemes across multiple key developments and properties. We managed to grab a seat with Hannah, where she shared the key elements behind our Interior Design Service providing personalised interior design schemes to investors, landlords and developers.


Nurdan Demir: Hey Hannah, thank you for joining us! Can you tell us what a day in the life of an Interior Designer here at the BoxNine7 basecamp looks like?

Hannah Farley: It's very busy at the moment! Currently, I'm working on numerous projects, so my day is a blend of client meetings, fabric sourcing, site visits and installing new projects across London! Back in the studio, I work closely with fellow Interior Designers to make sure we deliver projects seamlessly, exceeding all expectations.


Take a look at our recent Interior Design Portfolios at Paddington Gardens 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 and
the Marketing Suite.


ND: How important is the relationship between the Interior Designer and the client to meet the brief and vision of a project?

HF: Understanding the client's vision and winning their trust, turning their imagination into reality is the most significant part of my job. We collaborate with some of the UK's prime developers and landlords as well as investors, turning spaces into their ideal home, while making sure we deliver with a hassle-free Interior Design Service. We achieve this through building that mutual connection by involving and co-operating with our clients in each step of the way from paper to cushion!

Hannah 6.jpg

Hannah in the fabric library at our
Marleybone Studio.

ND: How do you judge the success of a project?

HF: The smile and the positive feedback of our clients is the measure. Designing someone's home is very personal, so we want our clients to feel satisfied and see their imagined home come alive in the finished results. It's our rule to make this process a pleasure for them, so having clients coming back to us again for their next projects is an approval of a successful project.


ND: Can you tell us about a particularly exciting or challenging project?

HF: Every project is exciting and challenging. A recent project which excited me the most is Greenwich Peninsula, a development project by leading developer Knightdragon . We were given the opportunity to partner with the developers, dressing apartments in the Upper Riverside neighbourhood. With the apartment I have recently dressed, I wanted to complement Tom Dixon’s use of challenging finishes in the kitchen and bathroom by using bold and unexpected colour schemes and textures throughout the property. Another thing I love about this project is that it was completed within a week from briefing to end with the most cost-effective solutions. You can take a peep at our Interior Design Portfolios to discover more of the projects and developments we've been in!

BoxNine7_Twickenham_Gate_001_Living_Room 2.jpg

Details from
Twickenham Gate

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ND: And lastly, we have three quick-fire questions for you..

Favourite furniture piece you own?

HF: My rattan peacock chair! Love it! It’s massive!

ND: The last film you saw?

HF: Rocketman.

ND: Favourite pizza topping?

HF: Pepperoni forever!

Hannah’s favourite furniture piece in her home, her rattan peacock chair.


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